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Just as fashion is ever-changing and trends are taking a turn, your style is always evolving to suit the person you're becoming. Your style is influenced by the environment you're living in, the mood you're in and the situations you find yourself in. Even though this is true for most people, there’s usually one particular style that calls out to us more than others.

Springfield Malta is here to help you find the items you need to create your look whilst allowing your personal style to shine through.


Women's chinos at Springfield Malta

Comfort doesn’t have to compromise style. If your personal style is relaxed you can opt for a simple graphic t-shirt paired with a pair of tapered and tailored chinos, and still be ready for a day out.

 More boho dresses at Springfield Malta

Ladies who prefer a boho inspired look can find easy dresses which can be worn with a pair of flat sandals in the morning and paired with low desert boots and a tassel clutch in the evening.

The little black dress is always favoured by those who prefer a classic and versatile choice of clothing. It can be dressed up or down with the help of accessories and the right footwear.


More polo shirts at Springfield Malta

For guys that prefer a preppy look, Springfield’s style perfectly suits yours! Pair printed polo shirts with a coloured pair of shorts. Make sure to throw on a plaid or gingham shirt for when nights start getting chillier.

Whatever your personal style is, make sure you trust your instincts and ultimately feel comfortable with what you’re wearing as this is what helps you look your best!

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