Men's Beachwear - Must-Have this!

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Being creatures of the sun, beachwear is an essential, not only for women but also for men. During the summer months we tend to live in our swimwear and look for the lightest of fabrics that can take us from running errands around the island to enjoying the comfort of a quick dip into the sea!

Men's swimwear malta | Springfield Malta

The piece de resistance is of course the swimsuit, mainly the length and pattern of men’s swimming trunks. If you’re looking for something different, opt for photo print swimming trunks or a pair of faded patterned swimming trunks - they’re bound to get conversation started.

Men's swimwear malta | Springfield Malta

A pair of flip-flops is the obvious choice of footwear during these scorching months and a rubber sole ensures good grip on rocky beaches. Canvas straps, on the other hand, prevent your flip flops from heating up while adding a less casual touch, making them appropriate for most seasonal activities. Alternatively men’s espadrilles are great for those secret beaches and weekends spent exploring!

Men's swimwear malta | Springfield Malta

Cover up with one of Springfield’s signature print tshirts for men and add a classic pair of shades. Voilà you’re ready to take on the perfect beach day!

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