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One can view men’s fashion as either a blessing or a curse. On one hand, it’s super simple to get it right, there isn’t much to choose from (or so you think) and you can stick to your usual t-shirt, trousers and sneakers. On the other hand, you can view it as limited and not versatile enough!

Springfield Malta proves that trousers and tees needn’t be boring and that there IS a way of spicing things up!

men's tshirt

More men's t-shirts at Springfield Malta

A graphic print tee  is not only a great conversation starter but also an essential t-shirt in every guy’s wardrobe. Paired with a pair of jeans for a laid back look or smarter trousers, it’s the perfect t-shirt for a night out or a casual morning do!

Opt for different colours! Why not try a nude coloured t-shirt or deep forest green? And on a side note - You can never go wrong with a twist on the classic striped t-shirt.

 men's chinos

More men's trousers at Springfield Malta

Update your look with a fun colored pair of trousers to bring out your more playful side. The perfect complement to any t-shirt! For a smarter look, you can go for a pair of Springfield’s 5-pockets washed slim fit trousers. They have a great fit, are super comfortable and are great for occasions that call for smarter attire.

Humorous tees with a fun font look great with chinos as we slowly start preparing for autumn and can be worn under light jackets as the weather starts to take a turn! Don’t be afraid to add a pop of colour to your trousers – with the right cut and tapered at the ankles, chinos can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

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