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This Legal Notice regulates the use of the services provided on the website (hereafter ‘the Website’) provided by Future Fashion Ltd for Internet users. 


Future Fashion Ltd All rights reserved. All the contents displayed on this website, including its graphics and source code are the property of Future Fashion Ltd Internet users accessing this Website may view the contents therein and download or reproduce them for their private and personal use on their IT systems, provided that they are not subsequently transferred to third parties or installed on a server connected to the Internet or a local computer network. The distribution, modification, transmission, public communication or any other act that has not been specifically authorised by the holder of the exploitation rights are strictly prohibited. Failure to comply with any of the aforementioned rights may constitute a breach of these terms and conditions, and an offense punishable in accordance with Article 270 and successive articles of the Spanish Criminal Code currently in force.  

Springfield® and its logo are registered trademarks of Future Fashion Ltd All use thereof is strictly prohibited without the express authorisation of the owner. is a domain name registered by Future Fashion Ltd

 The domain names belonging to Future Fashion Ltd may not be used in connection with any other products or services that are not the property of the aforementioned company, nor may they be used in any way that may cause confusion among our customers or damage the reputation of Future Fashion Ltd


 Future Fashion Ltd is hereby exonerated from all liabilities arising from:

  1. Errors on the website attributable to force majeure, unforeseen circumstances and other non-attributable causes.
  2. Technical and/or mechanical difficulties or viruses that may occur whilst connected to the Internet (either via the Future Fashion Ltd S.A. website or those of third parties), in the computer systems (software and hardware) or in the documents and files stored on computers.
  3. Access by minors to contents included on the website. It is the responsibility of parents or guardians to conduct adequate monitoring of the activity of children or minors under their care.

Likewise, Future Fashion Ltd is not liable for the accuracy, updating and legality of the contents of the websites which, where appropriate, are proposed by the company or linked thereto. Future Fashion Ltd is exonerated from all liability to users regarding the legal conditions of use and the contents of the various websites proposed by or linked to Future Fashion Ltd, and the decision to accept them is the sole responsibility of the user.

Future Fashion Ltd does not accept responsibility for any communications including the name of Springfield that have not previously been authorised by Future Fashion Ltd Likewise, you are hereby informed that all communications concerning actions or calls for participation in any event related to the brand shall always be published on the official website.
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